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Free online dictionary
  Our dictionary comprises a rich terminology from various domains, including medical, technical, legal, IT, and also the EU acquis.
It currently contains translation equivalents in the following language pairs: English-French, English-Polish, English-Romanian, English-Spanish.
The search engine architecture allows fuzzy terminology lookup for both single words and complex phrases.
Our online dictionaries are free for everyday professional human usage. Automatic or machine queries are forbidden. We plan to develop an API for seemingly integration with selected websites or applications.
To refine the results of the search within the dictionary, please use the Search Settings panel.
We are pleased that you have chosen our dictionaries!

Translator directory
  The translator directory is intended exclusively to the best translators and translation companies worldwide.
Registration is free but the display within the online registry is managed by MEMOrg administrators. Premium registration is possible for preferential registration.

Benefits for translation providers: When you create your MEMOrg account, you also gain access to the others online tools: the receipts and expenditures journal, the books of accounts, the translation memory as well as the project management system. The customers will not have direct access to your email. You will only receive inquiries through MEMOrg inbox.
Creating your own account is free of charge before the end 2022!

Benefits for translation buyers: The use of our registry is free of charge. You will be able to search and choose easily translators from the field you are interested in. You can also intervene directly in the ranking of translators by rating the performance of the translator you have worked with previously. We further consider the possibility of launching translation orders to a group of translators.

Online Translation Memory
  A translation memory is a software solution that enables the translator to reuse previous translations, thus triggering increased efficiency and improved translation quality.
Online translation memories are the future trend in translations as the individual effort of the translator is capitalized under the umbrella of a constantly developing community.
MEMOrgTM is the first and only online computer-assisted translation solution developed by a Romanian company.
we are currently upgrading the translation memory and thus it is not available for public use. To view some of its options and how it is used, please go to the presentation of the translation memory.

About us
  MEMOrg deployed its first translation memory versionin 2008, enabling translators to work together based on a huge, shared terminology.
In time, we have added new features to our core project, trying to raise the standard of the translation market.
MEMOrg will reveal you our view of the management and good performance of a business in the field of translations.

Serious Business is the designer, developer and administrator of MEMOrg.
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